Youtube tutorials about SNS Видео о работе с сервисом доменных имен SNS

Made a few instructional videos about domain registration, twitter handle linking, jabber (language: Russian):

Подготовил несколько инструкций по работе с сервисом доменных имен, о привязке аккаунта в twitter, а также о мессенджере jabber:


brilliant, thankyou!


nice job, thank you.

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I’m loving this community already, just few minutes of announcement on twittter and community members are already active. I’m chatting from Nigeria and i must say there is little awareness over here about all these, i’ll do my part to educate as many as i can on the importance of having a Solana domain name, how to go about it and why i believe its still quite early getting in and having a .sol name

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This is awesome! I have added this post to the Documentation category.

I think it could be helpful for SEO and help other Russian speakers to find these videos to add some Russian in your original post.

I also I think this is the type of initiative that needs to be supported and that we should submit a grant proposal for you once the DAO is fully set up.

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll translate the post