Why bonfida is not listed on solart, magiceden and other marketplace/

We can see small projects are listed on marketplace like magiceden, solart and other marketplace.But Bonfida isn’t listed yet. What’s the major reason behind this?

Domain names are not tokens and these market places only support tokens. There is nothing that prevents them from listing if they do the technical work required to support domain names.

oh…do bonfida team has tryed to contact them? i think team need to contact them for listing

hi there,

We have been in contact with MagicEden, Solanart and Solsea, etc, and have proposed them to integrate the secondary marketplace of SNS a couple of times. However, thoese teams have other requirements that they need to prioritize at the moment, and there is no ETA when they will finish integration of the SNS. Feel free to suggest to those teams, and hopefully they could speed up the integration process. : )


oh…i hope they will list us soon. If the top marketplace are not intrested, i think the team should try listing on multiple small markets. Anyway i am happy with new MP yesterday hope to see more soon…

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I have an idea. For Magic Eden - this could be proposed to their DAO. I would think it’s highly likely it would pass. I am a member of the DAO. I’m sure many here are, no?


Magic DAO is now formed. Once they take on proposals I would like to see us all make this a priority. This would be huge to get .sol names on ME. I have OG there and know of others.

As mentioned above the main issue is that domain names are not tokens so they are not supported. We are working on a smart contract that will allow people to tokenize their domain names into NFTs so they can be listed there. This should be ready ~ next week


Nice! Is this how Opensea has ENS names listed? Or is this a new mechanism?

I guess the idea is kinda similar: create an NFT that represents the ownership of the domain name. But there will be differences because .sol domain names have more features and are therefore inherently more complex

Fantastic! The market over at Magic Eden is like 5-10 million dollars in volume per day. Would be huge to get Solana Domains there. Keep up the good work!


That’s exciting news, will the token guarantee the ownership of the domain? i mean if you move the “NFT” the domain moves as well?

@jose Yes, ownership of the NFT will represent ownership of the domain

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One thing i think is important is to block the scam Joiner domain names. Not the combination ones like @Yoyodyne owns but blatant scam ones that are trying to take advantage of people. I think we can all agree that we do not want domain names to hit the nft marketplaces then get a bad wrap because people have figured out how to exploit the system. I assume you guys will have to constantly updating the collection metadata so that might be where the filtering starts.

I’m sure a solution can be found to carry over the green “Verified” marks over to NFT marketplaces once a solution is made for porting over domains to them. Or possibly limit or mark certain suspect names.

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Hey guys, we have already done the work for you guys and you can now trade your .sol domains on our marketplace just like any other NFT:

Videos on how to buy and sell are also on the bonfida twitter for your reference:


Love it, thank you for the list and exposure. can you display the marketplace fees and artist fees on projects please?