Where's my Domain?

I’m not sure this is the right place, but I’m having a hard time navigating this!! I purchased a .sol domain. The payment seems to have gone through but I can’t find where it is or what to do next. If I go back into purchase, it says the name is available?! Where do I find out? Help!! :slight_smile:

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Can you post the purchase tx?


Not sure if this is what you need?

Hello. I have the same issue. Money was taken but my domain name is not showing on my account. The name is still showing as available. Can you please help. Thanks

All sorted now for me

where did you find it or how did you know it was sorted?

@Nifti This is a FIDA token account. I need the transaction where you purchased the domain

Where do I find that?

Hello, I was trying to purchase using USDC and realised it took the money but no domain given until I checked my solana wallet and seen they converted my USDC into FIDA. So I then used the converted FIDA to buy the domain and all sorted now. Try only using FIDA to but the domains. Hope that helps

You can find that looking at the tx history of your wallet. You can DM me your wallet address so we can look at that together


I went through your tx history and there is no purchase tx. So it seems like your transaction did not go through. You can use FIDA to skip the token conversion tx and go directly to the purchase

I just tried again and I am now getting this message Error registering domain {“code”:-32003,“message”:“Transaction creation failed.”}

I did it!! I realised, I didn’t have sol!! Ooops!! :slight_smile: thanks for your help

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Now I’m having issues claiming the twitter handle? !!! :open_mouth:

What error are you having?

** Phantom does not support partially signed transactions, therefore, you cannot register your Twitter account with this wallet.

To encourage support for partially signed transaction you can submit a feature request here

You will need to use a different wallet, for instance Slope Finance wallet. Phantom does not support partially signed transactions but their dev team is working on a fix for this

Having same issues put for auction witch has run out but my emoji domain is nowhere to be seen
:sheep::honeybee:.sol is my domain

The auction has ended and you can reclaim your domain Solana Name Service | Bonfida