When I try to buy a domain using Phantom, I get "No Token Account"

I have a Phantom Wallet with SOL in it. It is connected to Solana Name Service | Bonfida. I’m trying to buy some domains. When I attempt to buy them I get an error message on Bonfida that says “No Token Account”. Any idea how I can fix this? Thanks.

You need to add the token account to your wallet. If you are using Sollet you need to click on the “+” icon and select the token to add to your wallet.

can you help me i did not recieve token acount also and deposited my solana directly into the account now i am stuck

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Add what token account? The wallet already has Solana in it and is ready to go. I’m using Phantom Wallet. Thanks.

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@ivzw What coin are you using to purchase the domain?

can you help me also please

@bonfida I’m using Solana

You will need a wrapped SOL token account. Add this mint to your wallet So11111111111111111111111111111111111111112

Only if these token accounts are “associated token accounts”. An associated token account is a token account that is derived deterministically from the SOL address. You can learn more about them and the motivations Associated Token Account Program | Solana Program Library Docs

Some people might have legacy token accounts but they should transition to associated token accounts.

where can I find the token account associated ?

I listed some domain names, but I close the token account associated. How could I reopen it ?


If these tokens account were associated token accounts (which is probably the case if they were created recently) you can just add the token account back to your wallet. If they were not associated token account you will not be able to restore them.