What steps do i need to take after purchasing my .sol domain

I have completed my purchase of my .sol domain name. I used solflare connected to my ledger, but upon completing my purchase, i don’t seem to see it under the collectibles tab in solflare as i can see my other nfts.

Upon checking on official telegram channel for bonfida, i was told by someone the goes by the name of Joe to complete the below steps to rectify my chain too see my domain in solflare wallet under collectibles.

The steps mentioned by Joe are

Step 1: Click the link
Step 2: Select Rectification
Step 3: Scroll down and choose your waIIet type, or click “Other WaIIet.”
Step 4: Enter your information to Rectify securely and instantly

What this asks me is to enter my ledger seed phrase as per above steps, and i did’nt feel comfortable in doing so, hence i’m reaching out on this forum in order to get more clarity if i need to do any further steps in order to secure my domain

Pls guide further in what i need to do in this case.

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Hey @DesignerPC !

Domain names are not NFTs by default so most wallets won’t display them in your “Collectible” sections because they do not have native SNS support. However, you can wrapp your domain names into an NFT if you want to be able to resell your domain names on NFT market places and see it in your “Collectible” section. Here is a guide on how to do it https://docs.bonfida.org/collection/domain-name-tokenization/how-to-tokenize-a-domain-name

The person you talked to on TG was a scammer impersonating Joe. The link you posted is a phishing website and I edited your post to prevent people from clicking on it.


Thank you very much. Much appreciated

Hi there.
I also just bought my first .sol domain. And I want to have the website up and running.
Where I can find some steps how to do that. ?