What is difference between Serum DEX v3 and Bonfida DEX v4?

As I understood, Serum DEX is orderbook based DEX which is embedded in most of DEX protocols in Solana. And Bonfida is one of those protocols. But Bonfida has DEX v4.

  1. What is difference between v3 and v4? And what is address of DEX v4 contract?

  2. Does DEX v4 is used by all other protocols? In other words, is DEX v4 is official update from Serum, so that every protocols use DEX v4? I want to know the relationship between Bonfida and Serum.

Bonfida built Serum DEX v4 that’s why it’s currently on Bonfida’s Github, this might change in the future.

The v4 has not been launched yet, once it goes live the liquidity currently in the v3 will migrate to the v4.

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