Use Case for for .sol domains #SNS

This Space can be used to discuss the use cases of .sol domains and the most efficient ways to use them.

Use case I believe are:

  1. for direct payments
  2. Hosting your website on it

For direct payments phantom has already integrated it, not sure about others

For resolving SNS domains there is already a resolver link

For hosting and other services may be @bonfida can share how they do it for their websites
also, it would be great if @bonfida can run a mirror website or even a landing page on bonfida.sol to showcase the use case

If anyone else has their website on .sol domains do share here :rocket:

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I think (2) is the most underrated aspect of SNS. This is also the area in which the DAO should give grants to incentivise devs to build tooling around it.

Bonfida already has it’s mirror on SNS (Solana Name Service | Bonfida). If people are interested in going the same they can use SNS deploy or feel free to DM me if you have any question about it!

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Not getting resolved in my browser (chrome+ that sns resolver)

Also it would be great if you share here on how one can upload their site on ipfs, best service, pricing and other technical stuff probably some DOs and DONTs :slight_smile:

That’s weird because the IPFS CID is valid:

Try setting your IPFS Gateway to in the settings.

In terms of DOs and DONTs it’s a wide topic! SNS Deploy will take care of deploying on IPFS (or Arweave) and update the on-chain name record.

If you prefer the manual options I think Infura and Pinata are the best free options out there. You can easily deploy on both of them using ipfs-deploy. And you can update your on-chain record directly from

Also, if you are deploying React web apps, you will have to use a HashRouter instead of a BrowserRouter to manage your routes.

If you have more specific questions, let me know, I will be more than happy to discuss this topic :raised_hands: