Unsolicited offers

Great to see the unsolicited offers option! Can we get the ability to make offers on names that are:

  • Actively running auctions
  • Auctions that have expired but not been claimed back yet

This would result in more bids and sales I think. People wanting to make an unsolicited offer when an auction ends cannot unless the person reclaims the name first. And, people wanting to make a below minimum offer on an active auction at the moment cannot. I understand this may not be possible right now due to the way the system works? Would love to know.


So it’s not really possible because the auction system uses Metaplex and Metaplex takes custody of the assets being auctioned. That means that when you start an auction you transfer ownership of your domain name to the smart contract. Because of this the owner will not be able to accept an unsolicited offer.

I personally think that this is the beauty of unsolicited offers: you own and can use the domain until you accept the offer.

Yeah, I figured it wouldn’t be possible in that sense since the owner temporarily does not own the domain.

I guess someone would just write down, or favorite (bookmark), the domains they want and wait for them to become reclaimed so they can bid on them. Definitely would be wise for everyone to keep their names claimed and biddable via unsolicited offers.

I think we should move away from auctions in the medium/long term. Auctions were great at the beginning because it was a good way to guarantee a fair distribution of domain names but now I feel like it’s not really relevant

Auctions are how I sell ALL my names though. And the “ending soon” list keeps people engaged to see what is being auctioned and creates excitement. That section is where almost ALL my bids occur. I almost never get bids on my names until they are visible on the ending soon page.

Auctions should always be an option. That is how sales are for all domain sites. Auctions - alongside buy now options.

There is a huge difference between resells and new domains. Eventually most sales will come from resells and not new domains as all the best domains will be gone and the resell market will only continue to grow and grow. Having auctions is part of that. I know that FIDA gets most of it’s income from new domains and the small fees from resells is not much but please don’t remove auctions for resellers. This makes no sense.

Thanks for your feedback, it’s definitely important to us to know this. There is a lot of different feedback about what would be the best resell system and we are trying to get a sense of what the community wants

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Glad to see the twitter poll showed support for auctions. I just had the most sales yet from my auctions just yesterday! And a key takeaway — one of my domains I listed for 9 FIDA ended up selling for 40 FIDA. This could only happen with auctions. If I had it listed static for 9 I would have only made 9.


@bonfida I noticed that some unsolicited offers do not appear under Profile >> Domains >> Unsolicited Offers when I am logged in. For example, portals.sol has an offer on it but does not appear there. I’ve tried clearing cache and hard refreshing.

Not sure how prevalent this issue is, or how to determine that.

EUiAHbuJB4SU1kG8GT4Qx7mGZ6zEfmHzSsjsRCsonqsX has 1,411 domains so I suspect this is a RPC rate limit issue because I cannot reproduce this on my end with addresses that own a small number of domains.

I will look into optimizing/batching these requests

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@bonfida: so I suspect this is a RPC rate limit issue because I cannot reproduce this on my end with addresses that own a small number of domains.

Thank you.

I have noticed that if you leave the window open awhile, like up to 5 minutes, it will “find” more names that were bid on. I have a test name with a bid on it at all times (bid on my own name) to make sure it’s always working. I see that one first. Then after a few minutes or longer another name may appear.

But I have no idea if maybe I have missed bids all this time because I have 700 names and I was just assuming it was checking them all over time.

It should be faster now. When I fake a connection with EUiAHbuJB4SU1kG8GT4Qx7mGZ6zEfmHzSsjsRCsonqsX it loads in a few seconds but it’s still pretty intensive in terms of RPC requests. The only way to really speed this up would be to have a cache proxy on AWS and query this cache instead of the blockchain but this would make the page rely on a centralized db.

@Yoyodyne You can do right click + inspect and check the network tab to see if the page finished loading or if you are still querying the RPC nodes. Given the amount of domains you have it will for sure take sometime to load :confused:

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@bonfida @yoyodyne thank you both, will try this.

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@bonfida I am getting “transaction failed, contact support” and “error accepting offer” messages when signing a transaction to accept an unsolicited offer. Using a Ledger with phantom on chrome.