Unclaimed .sol Domain Names Exceeding the 6 Month Period

What will happen with domains that reach the 6 month unclaimed mark in the future? Is the mechanism now working that returns them directly back to the market as they reach 180 days? Is this DAO vote just a one time thing?

There will always be the following steps before restarting an auction:

  • Public forum post with the list of domains that will be restarted
  • Grace period of 1 week
  • DAO vote

My point of view is that if it is expired and not claimed, it will be directly destroyed, and the amount will be given to the seller, but there is no need to compensate the buyer.


Wait - destroyed? Like deleted? No - that makes no sense. People want these names.

I actually like probably over half of them at least. I will come up with my list as well.

I think is a great opportunity for people like me that was not fortunate to came early to grab cool names, im waiting impatiently to bid on them.

When will the decision be made on this?

I vote to restart all the names.

Restart all the names at once please.

Wow, you selected the ones i suggested, did not know i have too much influence in solana :stuck_out_tongue: is it too late to add these?:


This is so messed up on so many levels. How would any of you feel if you won a domain then come back years later only to find out you name has been released to people strictly looking to re-sell the name you won. I bet this will come back to bite the enter team in the ass considering they have promoted this to be a decentralized platform, which at this point we all know is not true.

Just wait till someone with a voice on a major platform starts to call Bonfida out for this.

I think ALL the unclaimed names over 6 months should be released.

It was always in the rules that you have 6 months to claim your domain or it is released.

Maybe a small disclaimer on all the Unclaimed names at the bottom in small print that says “You must claim this name within 180 days or it will be released”

Would be a good idea to post that for people. Imagine buying something then come back and it’s gone, and not only is it gone but the value of the token you were bidding with is down massively. Not a very pleasant customers experience imo.

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Domain names are meant to be used. It is legitimate to allow the community to be able to buy them after 6 months if the original winner has still not shown interest.

This is also why the DAO exists, to make decisions on SNS, there is nothing centralized here.


For those who don’t claim for six months, the domain name should be released, and no bids should be returned, the domain name has been occupied for those six months.

can you please release sal.sol?


The most important question is not answered yet. Clearly.

Do you take the domain from them and keep the money as well? Or do you at least return the money they used to try to buy these domains. By they, I mean Bonfida’s earliest adopters and supporters.

If you keep the money and the domain, I can imagine there would be quite a few pissed off guys. If you return the money, they will still be pissed maybe to a lesser extent.

Just to be clear, I am not that early so there is no conflict of interest for me. I am merely watching from the sideline and wanting to bring this up as something the team might want to think about. I just don’t want to see people badmouthing bonfida reinforcing each other about this in the near future on twitter.

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@moon I think it’s important to clarify the domains we are talking about. We are only discussing auctions that ended but have never been claimed.

The domains do not even exist because the creation is made when the domain is claimed, and the funds are still in the escrow wallet of the auction. So it’s a weird situation where the winners have bought an everlasting optionality to register the domains and because they do not exercise the options it’s blocking other users. The idea is simply to add an expiration to this optionality.

By restarting the auctions it will allow other participants to place a bid and the current winners (that never claimed in 6 months) will be able to cancel their bids and get their funds back (i.e it’s technically a free option).

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The unclaimed domain name is still occupied for six months, other bidders and users are affected, and the refund is unfair.

Why do you want to bid when you don’t need this domain name? Just to occupy this domain name for free? Other bidders are like a joke.

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Alrite. That’s good to know!