Tokenized domains on Yawww

Hello, i have wrapped one of my domains i would like to list it on Yawww, can you please request the verification of the collection in their discord server so the tokenized domains can be listed there? Thank you


We will announce partnership with NFT marketplaces for listing soon!

Please stay tuned!

Congratulations on listing in major market places, would you please make a request to list it on, its the only markerplace i know where you can swap solana NFTs, it would be great to swap domains with another owners

have reached out to Yawww, will try to discuss about the listing with them.

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Thank you Cynthia :pray:.

hey @jose

You asked, we delivered :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s great news, thanks for making it possible. You’re awesome!

Do you guys know why bonfida domains is not listed anymore on Yawww?

Did not realize that. Let me ask Yawww.

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