This domain name contains a unicode that may not displayed on your browser

I bought an emoji domain name. When i bid, everything looked fine. There was no ! warning. However, a few days after I bought, the ! warning sign appeared. The message is “This domain name contains a unicode that may not displayed on your browser”.

This should not happen because when i bid, there was no ! warning sign.
If there is to be a ! warning sign, it should show up before i bid, not a few days AFTER i won the auction.

What should I do?


Want to DM me the domain so I can have a look?

thank you so much for the prompt response

I also have a couple of these names.

If the domains you own are:

Then it’s totally normal that they contain hidden unicodes because the native emoji does. Some hidden unicodes are needed for emojis to be displayed properly e.g Variation Selector - Community Help Center

Maybe there is a way we can remove the “!” for legit emojis using the code properly?

One thought I had was that when you hit “copy” from emojipedia then that exact hidden code used could be exempted IF it is officially the “exact” code that is supposed to be used. Such as when a “ZWJ” (zero width joiner) is used. I do have a a bunch of these. Obviously I have a stake in this also but I think it’s good for the system, increase domain sales, and it’s fair to those that own this type of emoji.

now there is ! sign on every emoji and chinese character, i do not understand.
this might devalue emojis and chinese characters we have bought before the sign is implemeted.

it should not be implemented ‘after’ we have bought.

Example. I agree Chinese Characters should not have an emoji warning. I think they are also visible in all browsers so cannot be used as a “hidden” emoji in Chrome.

Thanks for flagging, the regex used to check the domain name does not take into account Chinese characters.

thank you for reply. i m not sure what you mean. does it mean you will remove the flagging from chinese characters?

I would like to work on this issue with Emojis, unicode, and special characters having exclamation marks. Maybe for starters we can come up with a solution for Emojis first. Emojipedia lists all legitimate emojis and includes a “copy” button that if you click it and paste it into the Bonfida search field you will get the proper result.

I would like to see an “Real Emoji” badge (a green check mark?) for correctly formatted emojis. If I can help with this I can make a notepad file or something with the code of all legitimate emojis. Or if there is a place you would like me to paste it into. I think this will greatly improve sales of these types of domains. Maybe there is a way to include the description of the emoji on the auction page such as “Man Mage : Medium Skin Tone”. So that buyers know what emoji they are buying and can search for it in google or emojipedia.

I think the exclamation marks just scare off sales of ALL unicode and emojis.

How do you define “real emoji” especially for domain names that contains several emojis? This depends on a lot of things including OS and browser.

I guess one way of doing this would be to use a library like and have a tooltip that shows the sublist of graphemes, for instance

const emoji = () => {
  const splitter = new GraphemeSplitter();
  const fakeEmoji = "‍😀"; // Contains zero width joiner
  const graphemes = splitter.splitGraphemes(fakeEmoji);


will prompt

[ '‍', '😀' ]

Not a dev unfortunately but I can read up on this and try to come up with an understanding of how this can work in terms of us communicating it to each other :slight_smile:

I think that library seems a good place to start. The output should be something easy for the user to understand - such as a green check mark. This would appear if the emoji in the domain matches what it is supposed to be.

I think a “real” emoji would be a match if the high and low surrogates match what emojipedia has as the correct representation - for example (if there are two characters with one visual emoji). If there are two or three of the same emoji then those should match. Browser and OS should be irrelevant because the only input that matters is what is represented on Bonfida - and what is actually registered as the domain name. If that matches Emojipedia than it’s a real emoji. Just how I confirm legitimate emojis by cutting and pasting with the “Copy” button in from Emojipedia. If there are 2 or 3 of the same emoji then I paste in three of the same.


This is a real 3x Emoji that includes extra characters. This is a match with exactly what Emojipedia has as the proper characters. It should not be any different or it would be “fake”.

We could make sure the “codepoints” match.

We could always start with the obvious ones and work our way up. In terms of adding the “Authentic” badge.

how can i dm you? i have a problem with my domain, would like to have a chat with you.

Hey @kushwagner ! I will DM you

Here is an emoji I found that is legit. In fixed listings. With the “i” mark.

And another

  • :fuelpump: is similar to :rescue_worker_helmet:,:plate_with_cutlery:,:joystick: i.e emojipedia considers that the default version has no variation selector but if you type it with your keyboard it will contain one

  • :-1: Will fix!

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@bonfida some of my domains are displaying the HIDDEN UNICODE warning in error. Is it okay for me to post a list here to have the warning removed?

Here’s one example:

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I have a bunch of unicodes that show this warning. I would like to find a way to have them be shown as legitimate unicodes as well. I could also post a list of names. Maybe there should be a regular “Unicode” badge. Or for now we could just do case by case basis considering how many there are.

Example ^^

edit - Just realized that Unicodes are stealth banned from listing on the Auctions for the new UI.
Includes Chinese characters.

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