There is some guy obstructing the auction list

Hello, I have just realized that there is some guy initializing auctions of valuable domains (3 chars) in batches and apparently he’s launching a bunch of secondary auctions moments before to hide the former auctions from being noticed in the listing, I think this is not fair, could you make something to prevent this?

I agree this is not fair, thanks for raising this issue. Do you have an example of one of these domains used to obstruct so I can check the pubkey of the domain owner?

It’s not that easy to mitigate so would love to have your thoughts on what would make sense for you and the rest of the community to prevent this types of behaviour.

So I’ve noticed this as well.
I think one of the names is “:ninja:visa”, although do not have a picture to confirm.

My suggested solutions:

  • “Random” tab can show through on many timeframes which is very useful
  • We also have new platforms like Digital Eyes which I use now it has unlimited scrolling so you can look at as many domains as you’d like – in case this comes up in the future I can give that recommendation to other users.

I think Bonfida is making great progress and am excited for more platforms to adopt it, more secondary market places etc… should pretty much solve it as it already kind of is now.

FWIW I posted that name just for sake of example – I hope we do not start “witch hunting” users now. The beauty of crypto and the decentralized nature of the ecosystem is these sorts of things come up and drives us to improve.

So my thoughts in summary: We’ve already solved this problem pretty much with Digital Eyes and other such ways of looking at auction listings pretty much make this obstructing method ineffective at this point. I’m happy this issue was brought up so maybe a shoutout for other users see the other options available for purchasing SNS names.

p.s. I think a bigger concern (although maybe not Bonfida’s problem per se) is that Digital Eye’s doesn’t have the same warning symbols and such for the emoji problem (as in the “visa” name above). More filters would also be great.

(Un)fortunately, due to names going to direct listings now I think it’s reasonable to think the work on the auction side of things will be put on the sidelines for now in favor of other things. It’s bear market right now as well.

Personally I’m very happy with this transition and I think adoption should grow more rapidly now that one can get the auction they want on demand without the hassle of waiting and without competition.

For the very few people who care for auction restarts – I think Bonfida should post on twitter, discord, this forum or maybe even the website with up-to-date information on any of the matters, just a notification to users if something is going on. I think this approach can be used as a general rule of thumb for anything that might come up. Thing is that I’d imagine those bidding on auctions nowadays are few due to bear market and direct listings. Not to take away from the matter, but those bidding are also likely experienced so know about it and how to see past it anyway. Could be wrong but just my 2cents. I think for any of these small-ish issues in general, I suggest having a notification explaining details and potential solution the user can do would be good. A simple solution like that or something, doesn’t need to be complicated in this case.

Okay with some of the 6 month names going up for auction restarts soon maybe this is worth some more time to think about. Here’s a few more concrete suggestions.

  1. Add pagination.
  2. Add filter for “virgin” names (those not being resold) on ending soon tab or equivalent.
  3. Add endless scrolling like Digital Eyes.

Not sure if these are suitable to implement on a technical basis, but thought I’d suggest them anyway.
FWIW I think it’s important for me to reiterate that I think this is barely an issue IMO with the already existing alternative solutions out there; so if it’s at all challenging to implement I suggest not worrying about it.

p.s. I’ve suggested another minor feature in another forum post waiting for moderator approval. It’s very minor atm so no rush on it :slight_smile:

They aren’t hidden. You can use the Random feature to see them all. I don’t have an issue with those that spend weeks or months looking for domains to restart and then try to do something to protect their time investment.

There are multiple people that use this and so have I. But I list a bunch of legit auctions for fair prices that I want people to buy. Others are listing domains for 1000s of FIDA which is a tad annoying. If you want to bid on the restarted names just use “random”. Or digital eyes - even better. The reality is there is no obstruction at all with existing features - if you use them.

My 2 cents…

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The emoji thing is a totally unrelated deal. I would prefer myself to see a better system for handling them. I own a ton of legit emoji domains that people seem afraid to buy because of the exclamation mark. I have thought of a method to fix this but it would take time for the team to implement and I think there are things that are more pressing than this small stuff.

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Thanks a lot guys! That’s really good feedback!

I agree infinite scrolling might be a good way of solving this.


That’s fair. Infinite scrolling would let people be able to bid on my names 12 or 24 hours or even days in advance. If someone was to only have an hour a day to look at the “ending soon” page then with infinite scroll they could see all my names list over the whole day instead of just 100 names over the next … say 2 hours.

It’s the guy who owns the name “cartman”

Yeah. he does it a lot. He is probably the largest holder of sol domains.
Please no witch hunting. People that buy and sell a lot of domains keep this system running.

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With the 6 months unclaimed names there is already a public list so you can just type them in directly. But yeah … infinite scroll also solves.

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Yeah, i don’t think he’s doing anything wrong. I think we need to adjust a few things going forward tho.


The thing is, few people use the “Random” sorting feature and you have to refresh several times to view all auctions, the people who use this tactic know well about this, so they increase their chances of being the only bidder to perhaps >99%, i think this is unfair.

These suggestions are good but a low percentage of users does scroll heavily, same for pagination. The filter seems the best solution but it shoud filter by default displaying a buttom for “Show secondary sales”.
Two ideas came to my mind:

  • Having someone who curate the most valuable domains in auctions and show them in a block at the page top.
  • Randomize the auction end time with a margin of 50-100 minutes.

Thanks @bonfida for take this issue seriously.

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I noticed these last week:

These are ending at the same time next friday:

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How is he able to do this since the auctions have been replaced with registrations (along with new pricing for 3Ls)?

Names that had an auction created but were not bid on in the past are still sold using the auction process instead of the direct name registration process atm. So if you lookup one of those names you will see a restart auction button instead of a register this name button. I think this is done due to technical reasons for how those names are on the blockchain.

I doubt there’s much new names being auctioned tbh, maybe very few stragglers left to be claimed.
Auctions are now entirely user resells, with a few rare exceptions (I take a look and haven’t seen any myself recently, so assume it’s pretty much does not exist at this point).

Thank you Jose for sharing these list of names coming due. Apart from them, maybe look towards the 6 month old names that might be restarted by Bonfida sometime in future. Maybe they will be staggered by a fair bit so some users have more chances if time isn’t attainable for them? FWIW, in my experience those names that come in “batches” (I’ve witnessed one or two), get bid up more than is worth imo. I think an explanation could be: a lot of people notice them ahead of time, and due to the fact that the names are usually similar in “quality” and are coming due at around the same time, it gives those individuals extra incentive to set an alarm or w/e, and you get a lot of people who are bidding and there’s almost like a frenzy on these. My personal tip I’ll share: I got my main name from another user reselling at a fair price… those might be overlooked, maybe because auctions are usually overpriced (imo) so the few that are reasonable blend in with the crowd – whereas those “batches” seemingly attract more attention lol. I’ve gotten my name and don’t have much incentive for spending time looking for more, so I don’t mind sharing with others now.

tldr; Not much to worry about. Only a limited very small number of names still go through auction, and as such I don’t think there’s really any “restart batches”, maybe except for one jose pointed out; and even then, I think those tend to get a lot of attention and get frenzy bid on really high. Perhaps one could try looking through auctions via suggested methods above in this thread and see if there’s any more and we can share, I’ve briefly done so and come to same conclusion.

But yeah… I think I’ll stop now as in general think this issue has more attention than necessary; With all these new updates, I think a lot of people are paying attention to auction system, but in fact they do not yet realize how they can easily use direct registration or now even unsolicited offers which would be really good to share and talk about more, better for adoption imo. I’d suggest that route for anyone, unless they want to spend a lot of time waiting for a nice name to come due on the auction (in which case there’s a chance you might get outbid anyways).

Thanks so much for breaking that down! Really appreciate it. Glad to be part of the community.

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Actually i think that the main incentive to do this practice is to get valuable domains at the lowest cost, since they are hiden behind an “auction wall” very few people notice them, i’ve seen 3 letter domains sold for ~2 FIDA (less than $5).