The solana name service now supports registration via USDC, SOL, SRM and RAY using Jupiter swap

Hi Everyone!

Hope you are having a good weekend!

Just want to let you know that you can now use USDC, SOL, SRM and RAY to regsiter domain names via Jupiter Aggregator!

This integration aims at lowering the barriers to purchase .sol domain names by allowing more payment currencies. Hope you all like it!



Awesome news!

What about ability to resell in those currencies as well? Domains resold in any currency could just be swapped on purchase in the same way. Would increase flexibility.

So if a domain was listed in FIDA as a resell. The buyer could bid in any currency that equals the value of that FIDA. Their respective coin is removed from their wallet. Then if auction is won the swap occurs and the seller could receive FIDA as that is what they listed in.


You might want to add some fine text to payment methods other than FIDA that those coins would still be swapped for fida first in the back end so people would know and what are the slippages. Normally this is not an issue, but during crunch time like the past few days when solana is unstable, using fida to buy could not even be guaranteed let alone doing 3-4 swaps.

@moon Will add something to make it more explicit!