Suggestion: Increase the font size on for the 496x496 dimension wrapped domains.

Would it be possible to increase the font size on the new 496x496 view so they’re slightly easier to read from a far?

the larger fonts are the old 384x384 and the smaller ones are the new 496x496 view.

The font size was increased from 32px to 36px when the dimensions were changed to 496x496. However it appears smaller because on the ME is zooming on the old dimensions.

The font size can be increased again. Here are a few examples of how it would look like

  • 42px


  • 50px


  • 60px


I think we should make the font size depend on the length of the domain name ideally

Yes, it’s pretty hard to see them on ME right now unless you do 100% page size. Since the longer names spill over on to the next line I agree the font size and length should be linked.

aww yeah, dynamic sizing based on length def the way to go. Figuring out the balance sounds simple however i bet it’s a pain in the ass doing all the trial and error. Let us know if you need us to help.

So this seems to be a good rule of thumb

// Returns the font-size in px
const fontSize = (name: string) => {
  const length = splitGraphemes(name).length;
  if (length <= 4) {
    return 70;
  } else if (length <= 6) {
    return 60;
  } else if (length <= 10) {
    return 40;
  return 30;

Here is a preview imgbox - fast, simple image host


Looks good to me :slight_smile: !!


  • length <=7 could be 60
  • length <=10 could be 50
  • length <=14 could be 40

Just thinking to add 50 font size in there to bring the size down more gradually as length rises and bump up the size a little on the length range of 7-14

Was this implemented? Looks like an 11 character name I just wrapped for Magic Eden is super tiny still. Here it is versus 6 character.

Yes, it was implemented. 11 graphemes will be 30px and 6 graphemes 60px

It seems really tiny. Maybe it could be

length <=4 could be 70
length <=7 could be 60
length <=10 could be 50
length <=14 could be 40
length <=18 could be 30

Space better optimized by adding additional tiers.