Suggestion for adding a checkbox option on my domain page

Congrats on the moonlanding on coinbase!

Tiny bit suggestion to fine tune the “my domain” page:

Right now there is one checkbox “resell”

My suggestion is to break it into 2 checkbox options “resell” and “sold”

Anything that is on sale or the auction has expired without bidders goes into this “resell” category (no ownership transfer);

Anything that has been sold goes into the “sold” category" (ownership transferred)

Does not make a huge difference for me but it can be a hassle for power users, I imagine. If one owns 5 domains and sold 5 domains, then it starts to get a bit confusing. If implemented, this would make said power user’s life a lot easier. And they will tend to help promote Bonfida for free on social media.

Kicking start the positive feedback loop. Next stop, Mars!

Just my 2 fidas.


That’s an interesting suggestion. So a few things regarding the technical feasibility of this:

  • On-chain domain name records do not keep track of previous owners. Only the current owner is written in the on-chain record

  • The auction state keeps track of the auction’s funds destination. So you could do a RPC request that looks for someone’s token accounts accros all the auction accounts and look for a match. However, there is no guarantee this request will return all the domains sold because a user could have deleted one of the token account used for a resale

TL;DR At first glance I think this is doable but there is no guarantee to have all of them, a few might be missing.

A simpler helpful checkbox would be “collect sold” or “collect” for collecting auction funds (complete transfer) from sold domains. As it is now I go through all my names to relist and then I see what sold and needs to be collected still. So it can be days before I collect funds if the transfer wasn’t completed after sale.

Would be fun if it’s easy to add and like Christmas morning when I click it!
This wouldn’t tell you all the names you sold but it would be fun and helpful to get funds faster.

I do like the OP idea as well.