Suggestion : Add a filter that disables wrapping deceiving zero width joiner names.

The title says it all, would it be possible for you guys to disable wrapping the domains which use the zero width joiner in a deceiving way to just avoid people from minting (zwj)btc.sol then wrapping them and posting them on marketplaces. It’s probably best to avoid any possible conflicts before they happen.

Currently for domain names that contain unicodes in a non deceiving way we are adding the trait_type: certified because NFT marketplaces are already used to it to filter NFTs but can also prevent wrapping completely for these domains

It’s an idea. To prevent wrapping of misused hidden ZWJ (or other hidden) code. Have to make sure legit Unicode symbols, emojis, and emojis with text pass through. Block anything that uses a ZWJ with an emoji or text that is non-standard. And then just do exemptions for domains that are legit and get caught in a “wrap block”.

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So you are saying there is a way to prevent wrapping for risky domains by just not allowing wrapping for anything that is “not certified”? And then just got on a case by case basis adding legit emojis and Unicode to the certified list.

Just disabled the wrapping of anything that is non certified. Will do case by case


Perfect! Sounds good to me.