Staking Rewards

Hi @bonfida

Is there any way to get historical daily returns, basically trying to understand how the rewards fluctuate and vary also what’s the current direction, are we moving up or down?

A trading view chart would be awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, The rewards are dependent on the protocol generating revenue and a part is shared to dao/stakers

Can you share the breakup of all the products and how much revenue is generated and how much is allocated for the dao?

I dont want this today, just whenever you folks have time please update the documentation maybe

It would be good for transparency and encourage more people to stake as they can see the revenues and the trends for them.


Yes, it’s possible to have historical daily returns. A graph has been added at the bottom of the page to visualize it

It’s really hard to keep track of where the rewards are coming exactly. Rewards come from different protocols on almost every Solana block and there is no efficient way to index transactions on Solana. I guess a way of doing it would be to track the fees that are received by the buy and burn program and check the origin for each of them

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This is awesome, What a turnaround guys

Kudos to the team :clap:

Historical returns have been super helpful guys Thanks

for the source of revenue, can you just share how much is the total revenue and much is allocated to the DAO, some stats and projections maybe

can work on an analytics tab too later on maybe :stuck_out_tongue:

also I am personally invested and have tested all bonfida products and I love them
I have few ideas if you are open, I can DM you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words.

It’s really hard because it depends on many different things and varies all the time. I guess it can help to look at historical data of the buy and burn, e.g over the last 4 months:

  • September 2021: 24,990 FIDA
  • October 2021: 59,735.284FIDA
  • November 2021: 62,904.16 FIDA
  • December 2021: 101,451.33 FIDA

Stakers receive 10% of the buy and burn.

Having a better dashboard to visualize this would be a great community project that the DAO could sponsor with a grant.

Of course, DMs are always open!

Thanks a lot

Just one more thing, who decides the 10%? can the DAO vote and change it later?

also if end the auction for the same service then the revenue of the protocol can fall, maybe can look at some ways to compensate the DAO increase transfer % or some other way

More of something to pounder on