Staking account issues

After repeated investment, I have many accounts, and it becomes very difficult to use. Maybe we need a function to merge or control those accounts.

It’s not possible to merge the accounts without breaking the time lock logic of the stake and rewards, this is why each time you stake it is a new staking account.

If what you are looking for is a “Claim all rewards” button to be able to claim everything at once this can be added


“Claim all rewards” seems good

that will be nice. Please add “claim all rewards” button.

what about automatically staking the rewards for shorter time in same stake account automatically? eg i first stake 100 FIDA for 1095 days. If i opt-in for auto compounding then like after 1 day if i’d have 1 FIDA to claim it gets instead auto staked in same stake account for 1094 days, and so on…

A “Claim all rewards” button has been added.

@charles You cannot auto-compound without breaking the time lock logic on rewards and the stake

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