Shaq.sol - he did it

Changed from SHAQ.ETH to SHAQ.SOL!!!


Oh hell ya!!!

Everyone lets start a trend, get famous persons to change there twitter names to .sol . Let them use bonfida to get there .sol names


It’s a good idea! Who’s next? A celebrity that is talking about Solana NFTs. Or maybe one that has a .eth name and maybe will change over.

Mike Tyson promoted solana nft Catalina Whales, may be he would be interested

Need to get mike’s name for him first.

But i like it!

I am guessing Bonfida or someone had shaq.sol set aside. Hey mods — what other names are set aside? An example of one? Maybe we can get another celeb.

I could tweet them when time is right.

why are you trying to sell scam names to him and other people? This is not good for the space

search any of the names he posted them go to his profile. Selling all the names with the fillers in hopes people don’t look at the url. This is terrible for the space, and people doing this only hurt the domain space.

What are you talking about? Scam with filters? Those are my legit domains. I own several hundred. You are confusing people putting hidden emojis with text -WITH- real emojis that use ZWJ and other sequences.


I think what I am going to do is put the direct URL to Emojipedia to every emoji I own in the “content”. There needs to be some education about emojis for everyone.

You are correct, i was mixing your names up with the people using the joiner in the attempt to misguide people, however with your emojis there are a lot of different variations for every emoji. ie; skin color. So how should Bonfida handle these type of domains? ENS just straight up blocks this type of stuff.

My whole thing is that we do not want people buying domains thinking there is only one then come to find out there are 10 variations of it then have them just shy away from the domain space because of it.


like come on, how many small little things can we change?

I guess the question is, are having these all over or fixed auctions a good thing for the space?

so correct me if I’m wrong but every single one will have a different url? Then you can change skin color, hair, etc. Why should we even allow any of these to be posted anywhere?

We can’t ban emojis. I bought tons of these and people want them and buy them. They are not tiny variations. They are the ONLY variation for many. I think you are saying there shouldn’t be emojis for men and women or people of color? :stuck_out_tongue: heh

Also if you look at all the emojis that exist there are many that have ZWJ and other codepoints that require them to exist - not just skin tone and gender. Many only exist with this. It’s much more complex than just what you are aware of as pointed out with the Rainbow flag.

Anyways. We need to get green check marks on all emojis that are legit emojis in Emojipedia to eliminate the confusion. Not eliminate emojis. Unless someone wants to refund me for the 200 domain names I bought before all this “exclamation mark” mess.

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Amazing. Did SHAQ.sol happen organically or did the Bonfida team pull some strings? :smiley: