Search functionality by domain name

Hi Solana Community,
lately I was thinking about idea of implementing “resolver” for domain names in Solana block explorers solscan, solana beach etc.
For example. Its working on ETH
you can search addresses by domain name so I think its a super helpful adaptation for users.
Let me know what you think

Hey @Maniopro ! That would be great, the logic of resolving a domain to an address is already implemented by wallets (e.g spl-token-wallet/index.ts at master · project-serum/spl-token-wallet · GitHub) it would be great to see it implemented by explorers.

The Solana Explorer is open source so it would be easy to make a PR there. Other explorers are closed source AFAIK so would have to reach out to them to see if they can implement it

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Is there anyone who does this? Or is this just a theoretical answer?