Resellers who hold Magic Eden OG ticket please read.

Hey resellers, as any of you know recently ME started their own DAO, and if you hold OG tickets one of the perks is that we get to vote on the “MagicDAO Featured Collections” which is on their front page. I was thinking that if we all work together we might be able to get domains featured. There are 3600 OG tickets in circulation with various people holding 30+ of them, 1 vote per wallet/discord which means we might be able to sneak by with 30-60 votes. Lets work together and try to get featured.

Also, as time passes by people might forget to vote or just don’t care so i think it’s important that we vote weekly no matter what to increase the odds of us getting in.



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Love this idea! thanks for doing it!

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Worth a try for sure! Will vote every time for it

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