Recently won the auction, but domain not showing up under "My Domain" tab

I recently won a domain today in auction for 8.1 FIDA. Once the auction is over it is not showing up under “My Domain” tab. Any help please!

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Have you claimed the domain?

When I click on “My Domains” it goes straight to “No Domains Yet”

You need to go to the domain page to claim it

I am having the same issue. How do you get to the domain page?

Use the search bar Solana Name Service | Bonfida or connect your wallet and use the dropdown to find your bids

I am having the same issue…when i click on the domain it says auction ended and top bid was 9(my bid)
but theres no option to claim it and in the search results it says the domain is available

Are you connected with the right wallet?

yes, i have only one sol wallet…phantom

Want to DM me the domain name and your wallet address so I can have a look?

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Domain Name : tris.sol
Phantom Wallet Address : 76jKqiN4rGUCGrCbzpNfTS6y9cBCow4TR4MC32L7eYLj

The winning bid on tris.sol was placed by in this tx Explorer | Solana and the wallet that placed it is 5k8SRiitUFPcUPLNB4eWwafXfYBP76iTx2P16xc99QYd. You need to connect with this wallet to claim it