Purchased x.sol on auction. Messed up transfer. The purchase did not resolve properly

Here are the 2 Solona Explorers showing the x sol is owned by 2 people at the same time. I send money to x sol, after purchase, I believe they received it.

This is my wallet scan, showing x sol

This is the wallet x.sol was purchased from, the purchase was purchased from at auction.

Here is the other explorer block. Explorer | Solana

Please help to get this sorted out. It makes no sense. The transaction went through fine.

Thank you

You bought this Russian alphabet domain -

Cyrillic Small Letter Ha
It’s a single character domain that now costs $740 dollars to register so if you paid less than that you did well! Congrats!

I always cut and paste domains into Google, Unicode-Table, or Emojipedia to see what I am getting. Always good to paste into google for spelling checks as well.

Also, for Emoji domains you can use Emojipedia to confirm exactly what an Emoji code is supposed to be by hitting “Copy” button on the site next to each Emoji and pasting it into the Bonfida domain search. Very good advice for all emojis :slight_smile:

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hey @X.sol

I think @Yoyodyne has explained it well.

Meanwhile can you DM me regarding next step for this?

Why does the domain show in two wallets still, mine and his. Also, when I send money, it goes to his address still. Why not my wallet? You can see the two explorer chains above.


Is the wallet address fixable? How can it still show attached to the other wallet as well

because what you bought is an unicode as @Yoyodyne has explained, not the small letter x.sol. Please do not transfer funds to english letter x.sol (which belongs to others). You can DM me for a refund on this domain

Thank you very much for your assistance. I guess I just keep it and sell it to a Russian someday, lol

Thank you for your assistance. That never even crossed my mind.

no worries! Please be careful and use the right domain name for fund transfer :slight_smile: