Proposal: Would Solana Domain Names be tradable on Opeasea when the integration is completed?

Solana is being added to Opensea. I am asking this because it looks like Solana Domain Names are not quite NFTs like other Solana NFT projects as I understand. So it begs the question when solana is added to Opensea in the future, is it technically possible to transact Solana Domain Names on Opensea? If Yes, that would be bullish for the whole Bonfida ecosystem.

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You are right, domain names are not technically NFTs, however, they can still be traded on OpenSea if they do the integration. Will try to reach out to them


Awesome! Fingers crossed on the integration from Opensea. Exciting times ahead!

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I can see it happen, as big companies may want .sol names. Example (visa.sol)

Would be great to list on Open Sea.

Ideally with similar functionality to .eth listings (not merely mirrored auctions).

As a seller, I would be happy to pay Bonfida a commission, but the auction mechanism is cumbersome for both buyers and sellers.