Proposal: The Jabber App needs to have a function to transfer domain name(s) out of Jabber

I cannot afford to send a good domain name to Jabber knowing that I cannot take it out when I want.

I understand that maybe I could use the seed phrases Jabber has to restore it on a desktop wallet app say Sollet but that should not be a day to day operation. Restoring wallets using seed phrases should be only used when necessary and under extreme circumstances.

Trying to transfer a domain name in and out of a wallet should be a daily normal operation.

Hey @moon

Thanks for your message. I think there are two options here:

  1. As you said, restore the wallet on a web extension app and transfer the domain name from there.
  2. Acutually you don’t need to create a new wallet on Jabber, and transfer a domain to your new wallet. Instead, you can restore an existing wallet that has your domain names on Jabber directly.

I would encourage you to try 2, and please let me know if that could work better

This is a feature we can add in the next versions. In the meantime you can try what @cynthiaqqq suggested.

@bonfida That’s awesome!

@synthiaqqq Thanks for the 2nd suggestion. I will try it when I got a chance.