[Proposal] Solana Push Notification Service (SPNS)

Hi, Team Bonfida

This is Tom from Francium, a leveraged farming DeFi protocol.
Recently many users on Francium suggest they could receive notification about the status of their opened positions, like liquidation alert, etc.

However, we are not so willing to integrate centralized solutions like mail or sms. After our initial research, we think Bonfida may be the best one to offer decentralized push notification services (SPNS).

with jaber + SNS, many DeFi protocols/users could have the chance to benefit from your product matrix.

And Solana is the place to make it happen. not like expensive Layer one like Ethereum. users and DeFi protocols could afford that.

Thank you and looking forward to hearing your idea.

(it is for reference: https://epns.io/)



I would use this, notification service relating to my wallet

The idea sounds interesting, but needs to check whether this requires a centralized server.

Hey @tom !

I like this idea a lot. I think we could totally use Jabber for this. However, there would still need a centralized server that manages subscriptions and monitors Solana accounts to send a message on Jabber when the account data changes.

If you guys are excited about this, I think we should definitely collaborate on this together :grinning:

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I like this proposal very much and hope it can develop better.