Proposal: SNS Sales bots on Twitter

Since as far as I know no one has created an SNS sales bot yet, I think Bonfida should create one for more publicity for SNS.

The Ethereum Naming Service(ENS) has one, and big sales are gaining a good number of impressions and discussions on Twitter. e.g.:

I think there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain for SNS to have a similar account.

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hey @mk4

Thanks for proposing this. We would be happy to sponsor a grant if anyone from community is interested in building it.

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I agree. I think a registrations bot and a sales bot on twitter would be great. I think showing off all the secondary sales would be great! Right now Solana Floor website has this-

But it has some issues and no one knows about it really. I use it every day multiple times. If there was a sales bot on twitter then the public would be able to watch it easily. It would need to include fixed sales and auctions.

Solana Floor does not seem to show fixed sales well or at all.

No one really knows how many domains are being registered or for how much since the front page stats on Bonfida were removed. But I looked on SolanaFloor and saw $40k in daily sales just the other day. This is 15x or more the normal amount. People don’t even know we are having a 15x surge.

Ideally all this would in the v2 of our SNS website :slight_smile:

hey @Yoyodyne

currently SolanaFloor doesn’t include data for direct registration and fixed sales. SNS has developed too fast, and SF needs to update its datasets in order to best reflect stats on SNS. We are talking to SolanaFloor and get the analytics dashboard upgraded.Stay tuned!

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