Proposal: Make Secondary Market Sales Direct Listing as well instead of the Auction

Would you consider making the secondary market direct listing the same way the primary market is?

Also, a feature that is needed is the ability to make an unsolicited offer with an expiration date for domains I do not own. And I have no way of knowing when the seller would list them so I would very likely miss it. By getting rid of the auction system and allow unsolicited offers, there is a higher chance for the buyer and seller to make a deal happen.

I know there is Jabber but it means too much extra work where the seller most likely using phatom desktop version have to register another wallet in the mobile Jabber app and left that info on bonfida so the buyers would see and register also a mobile Jabber wallet. It’s too clumsy.

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Hey @moon

Thanks for your feedback on this. We will definitely take this into consideration.