[Proposal] Change metadata dimensions


The tokenisation is great but the image format can be better. All NFTs are in portrait mode and the domain names are in landscape mode. This has resulted in the NFTs looking pretty bad on the buying platforms who have standard way of displaying NFTs and don’t adapt to the prorportions of domain names. I think we should change this

I looked at the formats, and many NFTs are 384x384

I agree with you the images are not properly rendered in most NFT market places. Changing the format is quite easy and people would just have to unwrap + wrap to get the metadata updated with the new image.

Here is an example of a 400x400 in which I increased the font by 4px


And below an example of how a long name would be rendered


I just checked and ME is rendering images (on the item-details page) on a 496x496 view so these dimensions are probably the best.

Here is what it would look like for reference


Metadata dimensions have been changed to 496x496 for better compatibility with market places. Old metadata can be updated by doing unwrap → wrap

This is how it looks like on ME for instance now
Screenshot 2022-03-21 at 12.27.57 PM