Proposal : Bundle Purchases For Domains

Would love to see a bundle option on v2. If someone wanted to sell a bundle of 5, 10, or 100 names. Although we have no real gas fees it would still be useful tool to be able to make an bundle in some cases.

hey @Yoyodyne

Thanks for your suggestion.

just want to clarify when you said “sell a bundle of 5,10 or 100 names”, did you mean to list them at the same price or different price? for instance, a bulk sell function for fixed price could be to list a couple of domain names at the same price by one click?

I was thinking along the lines of how Opensea has domain “bundling” where you can sell a group of domains as one unit for a single price.


Bundle domain 1.sol,2.sol, and 3.sol. Listed as a single listing “My domains - 1,2,3”
Auction listing : 100 FIDA minimum bid
or Fixed listing : 300 FIDA

In case I have a group of related domains or want to sell a section of my collection for a cheaper price if you buy them all.

Sometimes also used to sell a group of specific names to a buyer that has agreed to buy them all.

gotcha will relay this to the team. thanks again