Proposal: Batch domain name checker

It would be awesome to have a tool to check availability of multiple domains at once, it is frustrating/tedious to search one by one and seeing most of the cool domains are taken.

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You can already to this with the JS library so I assume you are referring to having a UI for this? Can you describe what’s the UX/UI flow would ideally look like for this?

An UX interface would be good, something like this:

Reviving an old thread, i found this interface and it looks awesome, can you please take a look at it:

I gave this a shot today, you can try the web app here, the source code can be found here

This will be added to the main website once we are done with the upcoming redesign


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Thank you @bonfida its good to see you care about our opinions and work to improve the services, just a quick note: it’s a little bit confusing to see a red icon indicating that the domain is available or not registered, i think it would be better if the green icon indicate that it’s available and ready to register, also it would be great if you could click on a link to go to the registration/secondary sale page.

Could you please add a column to show the CONTENT of each domain? it would be very useful when you are trying to contact the owner of a domain and you are looking inside every domain that is owned by the same wallet. Also can you increase the limit to 100? thanks

I noticed you already implemented this features, it would be to much if i ask for another column with the last price paid for the domain? thanks a lot

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I like this idea big time

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Definitely would love to know what my domains sold for. Last sold price included in some way. If the domain is transferred by the other party before I see it then I don’t know.

Well actually I can check here:

But it’s not accurate sometimes. And this does not include fixed price listings. If it’s fixed price I have to go figure it out on-chain.

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