Proposal: An option to accept any token when listing domains for resale

Hello, its me again :stuck_out_tongue: i would like to propose an option to list a domain accepting any token of Solana, even de custom tokens created by the users, it could be a great way to give utility to the tokens created by the Solana community members. I hope you like this proposal and support it, i have an idea of a project in mind, thanks for your interest and i appreciate your feedback.

The program only support 1 mint for auctions.

So if i want to sell a domain and accept another token do i need to write my own contract? thanks!

Yes, you could do it this way. I think the best way though is to pass a swap instruction in the purchase transaction. This way you can use any token and the conversion is done under the hood and you don’t have to touch the contract.

i better start learning Rust :stuck_out_tongue: