Proposal: Alternative airdrop to .SOL holders

I just had this idea, it could be a good way to organize an airdrop to distribute incentives to current .SOL holders. I think that most of us would like to be rewarded for being early and support the project and i also think that $20 it’s a high entry price for a domain, not saying it’s not worth it but it’s a barrier for massive adoption given that half the world lives on less than $5.5 a day and protocols like $near requires a fraction of that to get started with a “free” domain attached to every account by default that is supported by every app, including all exchanges.
So my proposal is simple:
Give “N” invitations to every .SOL holder that grants registration of a domain. It would be like the invitation system that kickstarted Gmail, that would be a good way to reward holders while boosting the growth of the userbase and keep the value of domains and FIDA tokens.
Every holder would onboard their family/friends to the ecosystem or promote it by selling their invitations. Well, that’s basically my idea, do you like it? I appreciate your comments and suggestions.

One major issue is -
People who live on less than $5 won’t have internet and most likely won’t know about blockchain as they would have other priorities.

Also I highly doubt most people here would be able to reach people who could really use a free domain.

If half the world population lives on less than $5.5 a day and there are 5 billion internet subscribers then at least one billion people under that poverty line has access to internet. I think the primary use case of a solana domain is an alias that translate names to wallet addresses to simplify sending and receiving assets, something like an email address for tokens, and that use case can be broadly adopted by any individual in the world.

If the goal is to make it more affordable I think there are better ways of doing it:

  • Use verified twitter handle: It costs nothing but gas fee
  • Use subdomains: Anyone who owns a .sol domain can issue an unlimited (and for free) number of subdomains

I think the subdomain solution is my favourite

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I didn’t knew subdomains can be transferred, what happen to the subdomains if the main domain change its owner? i still think it’s better to have a domain than a subdomain and twitter handles seems to have very little traction 25k/2M(Phantom) its just 1.2%

If the main domain owner changes, the new owner can take the subdomain back.

I don’t think you are using the right metric to measure attractiveness of Twitter handles.