Problem Unlocking vesting contract

Hi, i was tying to use the vesting program, i loaded a contract but when i try to unlock it send me and error, related to the seed
(base) luis@luisHP:~/solana/token-vesting/js$ npm run dev

@bonfida/token-vesting@0.0.8 dev
tsc && node dist/dev.js

Seed: 6569674781293516850258374859656286887545166886185941461114779436
Vesting contract account pubkey: KdWBSxNmZb3ugz9EiN8oT5eB88cHxFbxgzyh7FphxPy
contract ID: 4ec5SG1Gdf8eBy5qixjEsgqyqHmaGBBM23NPv5uP8edj
Transaction: 2qMdo1JdKAA15fyEUNVnvEtui1Bv3LtVe9izem8UhNuq4vNkA46G73EJVze5r4uZZvx8qVNq1dr7xRsMmPBCGji7

I am a little confused about seed / vesting contract / contract seed
this is the only way a found to get information but i cannot unlock

also i did this contract

Seed: 0170917696265415947485554085721940361508865301950517263511266516
Vesting contract account pubkey: 8HY7D777fdR51g7QRjUC1fJV1iqdRo9RdusYjZwtFiDT
contract ID: 4F86ZwsZVnPmKJKtnAhuMAyBLcdNn8bD4aWi6x7vWvjp
Transaction: 2uaKhGuuw9J5YnPnWkXC96KjSEmhD3yj4F2ET5wkS4U49wJxYqcUG18a5iRFBibTZdzSB6yGfguaEsDZtoGyCyoi

thanks in advanced

For the vesting contract created with 2qMdo1JdKAA15fyEUNVnvEtui1Bv3LtVe9izem8UhNuq4vNkA46G73EJVze5r4uZZvx8qVNq1dr7xRsMmPBCGji7 the seed is wrong, the correct seed is 36353639363734373831323933353136383530323538333734383539363536fe. I cranked the unlock here Explorer | Solana and it worked find.

I assume for the second it’s the same issue. You can deduce the correct seed by looking at the data of the creation tx, here is a code example:

  const txInfo = await connection.getConfirmedTransaction(

    txInfo?.transaction.instructions[2].data.slice(1, 32 + 1).toString('hex')

(cf the smart contract deserialization here token-vesting/ at master · Bonfida/token-vesting · GitHub)

Thank you very much for the help, I added to the dev.ts file js directory in bonfida vesting the line

const instruction = await create(

console.log("Correct Seed: "+instruction[2].data.slice(1,33).toString(‘hex’));

so it print out the correct Seed to unlock the contract.

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How did you find this seed: 0170917696265415947485554085721940361508865301950517263511266516 ?
My seed looks like wei3wABWhvzigge84jFXySCd8untJRhB9KS3jLw6GLE.

Looks like a base58 encoded seed