Potential airdrop idea - $sns

Ethereum name service airdropped their token $ENS which was pretty successfully.

With the hype around other airdrops like $SOS and $GAS I think it could be a good time for bonfida with their solana name service to create and airdrop a token similar to what Ens did.


This is probably one of the common points users expect and i agree with that, tokens like ens, sos, gas create a good hype for the community and this increases recognition. Of course, is it needed, that’s another question, but it feels good to keep up.


Agreed $SNS should happen


This is very nice idea in order to make Solana names recognized by wide user community.

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Indeed we should have a SNS airdrop.

Can you unpack this and explain what you think should happen? FIDA is the token that represents the ecosystem of tools and systems developed by Bonfida dream team.

What would a new token achieve? Why is it worth doing?

I agree with @mjp, it would be great to have more explanation about your rational for this proposition. Currently I am sceptical about how this would help the project long term.

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Airdrop, yes!

New token, no!

$FIDA Drop all the way.

At least that’s my position here.


Thanks for your suggestion @maxii.sol, but the idea is not just for the hype. I support the introduction of a governance token $SNS, but i however wish to say that it should be an airdrop which should be used a voting right for community members who believed in the project to vote on the future of this project. For example, lets say 100 $SNS are airdropped to 1000 early adopters, there should be a specification for which community members who have staked atleast 50 $SNS are allowed to vote on the decisions for the future of solana name service, amongst these decisions maybe integration of solana domain names to twitter handles similar to ENS, this becomes simple organic marketing.

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There are people who bought the domain but not claimed their twitter handle.

We already have $FIDA.

How can one claim his twitter handle? I bought a domain name but not still clear on what you mean by claiming twitter handle

100% agree, would be best way to get more attention

So ture :+1:
Agreed :100:

I see two possitive outcomes for an airdrop of solana name service token:

  • As an incentive for early adopters, this would reinforce fidelity to the service and users would be incentivized to promote the project and to shape a sense of community belonging.
  • To prevent an unofficial airdrop that would confuse and harm the reputation of the project (see $SOS).

Twitter handles could be a good way to filter wallet hoarders.

Increasing TOKEN without thought will only hurt $FIDA.
At present, SNS income will be provided to $FIDA stake. If you want to get any benefits, go for staking.

greed $SNS should happen


Since $FIDA already exists, airdropping another token might not be a good idea.
As much I would love another token, I do not think this will help the ecosystem or the FIDA token.

FIDA has staking, governance and almost everything you want from a new token. Maybe we can brainstorm more ways to incentivize the SNS holders.

nah. not everyone uses twitter or wants to link their SNS to twitter.
People who want to squat names, can also easily link to different twitter accounts.

I propose airdropping governance rights to .sol holders (eg. gFIDA), rather than a financial incentive (FIDA).

.sol domain holders have skin in the game. They invested early and showed conviction. Those funds are crucial to the development of Bonfida (past and future) and the demand support for FIDA token.

Domain holders are also affected by decisions made by the DAO and should have a voice.

Maybe a FIDA airdrop would make sense too but I don’t have an opinion on that.