Participate in the Riptide Hackathon and win a prize for best integration with Solana Name Service & Jabber

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Bonfida is exicted to sponsor a prize for best integration with the Solana Name Service and Jabber in the upcoming Riptide Hackathon! The prize is worth 30K USD!

The Riptide Hackathon will run from Feb 2 to Mar 17.

For more informtion, please visit

Integration ideas from Bonfida

The Solana Name Service:

  • Better CLI to build webapp + deploy + upgrade on-chain records
  • Build a name resolver that resolves sol_domain.project_name**.com** to the IPFS/Arweave website hosted on sol_domain**.sol**
  • Build a browser or browser extension that resolves IPFS contents hosted on a .sol domain natively
  • Build a SNS manager app (similar to ENS manager app)
  • Build a secondary marketplace for trading the Solana Name Service with unsolicited offers
  • Build an analytics dashboard for the Solana Name Service
  • Integrate the .sol domain as the unique username/ID inside the game


  • Build a web UI for Jabber V2
  • Build a new React native app for Jabber V2
  • Integrate Jabber V2 with scanner tools to allow direct communication between any on-chain address
  • Integrate Jabber V2 with GameFi projects to allow direct communication between players inside a game
  • Integrate Jabber V2 with NFT marketplaces to allow direct communication between users and NFT owners

Solana team has also compiled project ideas

If you are building a project that plans to integrate the Solana Name Service, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We are happy to help!