Node cannot send transaction

I am trying to run a node on digital ocean and I got this error
Operation was a no-op
Sent garbage collection transaction for isntance 0 with signature 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

the command is
target/release/./perps-crank -u “” -m 3ds9ZtmQfHED17tXShfC1xEsZcfCvmT8huNG79wa4MHg -p perpke6JybKfRDitCmnazpCrGN5JRApxxukhA9Js6E6 --fee-payer wallet.json garbage-collect

This is not an error but a no-op. When there is nothing to crank, transactions will return a no-op. There is a competition between crankers so it’s likely a lot of tx will no-op until you find one tx to crank before everyone else.

Also garbage-collect is the most likely to no-op, funding and liquidation crank are less likely.

is it possible that i am getting noop forever

I a scenario where all the other crankers are faster than you it would be possible