[Migration] Audaces v2

Dear community,

Given the market conditions and network stability, we are thinking of deprecating the v1 of the Audaces protocol. We are working on the v2 that will be based on the asset agnostic orderbook developed by the Bonfida Foundation. The v2 will be cross-collateral and should be coming in the next few weeks. The protocol is finished and currently, it’s mostly a matter of testing and onboarding MMs.

Due to market and network conditions, the majority of positions have been closed or liquidated already. Therefore, this time seems to be a good opportunity to prepare for the transition to the v2 which will require positions of the v1 to be closed anyway.

If we can come to an agreement on this matter, we propose to put the protocol in reduce only mode on 18/05/2022 so everyone can close their positions and withdraw their funds.


Hey @bonfida, can you please provide information about the development process of Audaces V2. It’s been 2 months that we have not heard anything about it. Thanks.

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