Magic Eden direct link - work in progress

Trying to get attention of Magic Eden again :slight_smile:

There were a ton of sales today there on ME due to a twitter mention and general web3 domain fomo. But they are sleeping on Solana Names still. I suggested a tab or direct link. Will keep trying for that.



Massive sales on ME today and last few hours - off the charts. Come list some domain guys… I am listing. Give these people something more to buy. 350 listings only

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Thanks for doing that!

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We need a same day agian !
With many sales on the secondary ME :star_struck: :smiling_face_with_tear: :rocket:

This project is so cool but so austere and without any animation/communication/ad to let it know, we have to improve theses parts :teacher:

I’m agree the visibility/sort/filter are not optimised for Bonfida :frowning: Not in the official website and not in ME…

I tried to get Magic Eden to put a direct link on their side bar but they didn’t yet. There were a bunch of likes on my post in their suggestions forums as well. I have noticed a LOT more action on Bonfida Magic Eden listings though. Sales every day. So it’s a huge increase. A lot of people know that it’s there.

Just have to wait for v2 of our Bonfida Auctions site which will be amazing and hopefully also Opensea lists.

Thank you very much for doing that :slight_smile:
I hope having Bonfida V2 soon.

For now I’m checking ME sales daily, there is almost 2-5 sale/day and it’s not very much even if the collection is “old”. Remember bonfida created almost 170 000 .sol since begining (and 2-5 sales/d)…

Unfortunatelly MagicEden delete an old feature very usefull for some collection, before this week we was able to clic at the bottom on “all NFT” and see all nft from all collection inside 1 page and can sort by price/date, so when we was listing a .sol it was appear on it and same if the price were low;
But now its over and only people who know the word “Bonfida” can see the collection, nobody can find it randomly like before end of may 2022 :frowning:

It was a special and happy day, hope it happend again !

I know that day were also several viral twitter posts about SNS on Magic Eden. And then that big surge at the same time. There will be more waves coming! And more and more people know about it on ME. It’s all good exposure!

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Today it’s impossible for me to add a .sol wrapped into NFT on Magic Eden, and some of mine are like delisted and invisible in my shop and invisible in the ME collection too.

I check my explorer there is no suspicious move, so I think/hope it just a bug.

Do you know something about that ? Is it rely to V2 ? Some changes in NFT metadatas not updated on ME ?

Yesterday there were like 1070 listed .sol on ME and today 680, what happend please, where are them and when come back ? :astonished:

I can’t unwrap them if there invisible on ME so I’m very affraid to loose most of my domains :fearful:

Each minute the number of .sol listed are decreasing… What’s happend :astonished:
Where they gone and how to get back them ? Please give us a feedback asap it’s a little bit disappointing…

1070 Yesterday > 610 now ?! Where are the .sol wrapped into NFT please ?

Don’t worry, it seems that there’s a bug, perhaps related to the metadata, it should be fixed in the comming days.

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Yes you right, thank you :slight_smile: :+1:

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Collect and store all proof of bugs related to bonfida is all i can say

The issue was due to Cloudflare IPFS gateway that was unstable/down


Well a huge chunk of the domains still don’t show up, so not really sure what the issue is still. This also bring up another issue, if names just go offline then what happens if someone sends money to a wallet?

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I think the service wasn’t down, one thing is the name service and another is the wrapped domains represented by an NFT, if i understand well, the hosting where the metadata/files of the NFTs are stored were down, that’s why marketplaces and wallets were unable to read the files of the wrapped domains. As far as i know in the case that someone sends assets to a wrapped domain (even if the IPFS is down) that assets are received in a escrow account and will be send to the wallet that unwrap the domain.