Loses a Domain to one that is listed.

Hey I’ve had quite a frustrating last few hours, I might be difficult to explain but hear me out! I have had multiple domains for sometime now and earlier today I had listed one of them “CHK.sol” on my main wallets. I had it listed few hours and wanted to transfer my other domain “Umile.sol” from my backup wallet to the main one holding “CHK.sol”, I had forgotten is was listed and sent the “Umile.Sol” to the address BNS. I would assume that a bonfida wallet has the address, but I am unsure if it is recoverable. I would really love to recover this domain as it’s my name and the best point of contact for myself. Thanks and any ideas from the community is greatly appreciated

Looks like you transferred umile.sol while chk.sol was being auctioned i.e owned by the auction program. When a transfer is done using SNS it’s being transferred to the owner of the destination domain in your case that was the auction program.

Will recover it for you and send it back to the original owner i.e FEPPCebVhfUAzG6vJFibohiL5nfvFuxdL47tbDrpAado

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Domain has been recovered and sent back to the original owner Solana Name Service | Bonfida