List Fida token across the Solana ecosystem lending market

The Fida token should be list on all different kinds of lending markets as collateral.
The potential listing markets include but not limit to
Port finance, Solend, Larix, JetProtocol, Apricot, Soda, and Mango Market .

This adaptation will definitely help to boost the utility of Fida token in DeFi space.
People can unlock the value of Fida token without selling it which increase the capital efficiency and reduce the selling pressure.


Support this proposal

strong support this one

Totally in favour of this! Will reach out to these projects to see if they are open to this.

Would be great if community members could also let these projects know that they are interested in listing FIDA. If that comes from users directly they will likely be more inclined to do it.


Agree with the proposal.

i think you may create a post on twitter n share here. a lot of people would be happy to support this.

I totally agree with @solanageek. If Bonfida made a public tweet, all of us will retweet.
But since you asked, I have wrote a tweet myself :sunglasses:


get it added to tulip lending

great!! :slight_smile:
I wish I could see it on Acumen too