Ledger Nano X & Solflare Wallet

Is it possible to buy a domain whilst connected to Solflare using a Ledger Nano X. If this is not possible is it possible to buy a domain using Solflare wallet only and then transfer the domain to the Ledger Nano X wallet? Thanks

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Hey @coinguzzler !

I don’t have a Nano X to test for you, however, we are using the latest wallet adapters provided by Solana GitHub - solana-labs/wallet-adapter: Modular TypeScript wallet adapters and components for Solana applications. so I assume it should be working. In any case it’s safe to try, the worst case scenario is just that you cannot sign the transaction and the whole process fails (and no gas cost is debited from your wallet)

If it does not work, you can use an intermediary wallet like Sollet or Slope.

Hi, Thanks for the response. I have tried but the Ledger says it is unrecognised. I signed it anyway and it results in a failed transaction. I was also wondering if a domain was registered on Solflare and then sent to the Solflare/Ledger address that would work or would it end up with a lost domain?