jabber issues? messages gone

I was using jabber a few weeks ago to communicate with someone about buying their domain. However, logging in today, my messages section is completely blank, nothing in archived messages and also when I noticed when I click gallery it is blank as well. I checked and there was no update available. I also tried to start a new message with the same person and it doesn’t do anything.

Any ideas?

Hey @griff !

I suspect this was an RPC connection issue. Can you tell me if the issue still persists? Also I assume you are still connected with the correct wallet?

Yep still having the same issue and I’m sure it is same correct wallet, never logged me out and it displays my address and bonfida domain in settings


Want to send me your address by DMs so I can have a look?

i can’t figure out how to initiate message with you. can you message me and then i’ll respond with my wallet ? @bonfida

Just sent you a message