It's .SOL the only TLD that will exist on the Solana Name Service?

It’s not clear to me if .SOL domains will be the only top level domains (TLDs) that will exist in the service, bonfida created .SOL but may another entity be able to create another TLDs? will FIDA add more TLDs in the future? thank you again for your attention and your support, i appreciate it.

Currently there are only two TLDs, the .sol and the Twitter one. I am not opposed to adding more TLDs if they bring value to the ecosystem. But TLDs like .srm, .fida etc would be bad in my opinion as they would just fragment domain names and create confusion among users.

One TLD that could be interesting is one that would allow people to verify discord username or something like this

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I agree with that, and i think if there will be more TLDs it would dilute the value of current .SOL domains. Thanks for your reply.