Is the trading APIs going to be deprecated?

Hi there,
We’re trying to build a trading app on Serum and I used document to implement the services for order book, recent trades, etc. And user Serum Order V3 for placing orders. I asked Bonfida to add our domain to get Tradingview data but they said the APIs are going to be deprecated. Is it mean all the APIs are going to be useless and we aren’t able to build any apps on the Serum ecosystem? Or are just Bonfida APIs gonna be deprecated? Could please make it more clear for me which APIs are gonna be deprecated?

Bonfida’s API is going to be deprecated once Serum v4 gets released GitHub - Bonfida/dex-v4

This REST API is just a way of aggregating and serving on-chain data that is accessible to anyone via RPC requests. So anyone can create their own API.

I think there is a project that will be focusing on providing GraphQL API for Serum data (TV graphs, fills, prices etc…) with a subscription model. I will try to find the name and let you know.

Thanks you. Could u help me to implement a service to collect/show Serum trading data? I need these APIs: Pairs, Current price, Orderbooks, Recent Trades, Tradingview.
And is it possible to fetch this kind of data with Websocket?

The project is called Vybe network.

Also, to be clear you can already have this info from the JSON RPC API of Solana (it supports WS). You just have to do the deserialization yourself.