Increasing rent exemption allocation size for more storage

I’ve recently purchased some SNS names with hopes of using it to assign to a project website.
IIRC rent allocation is one time deal.
I fear that in the future that 10 will not be sufficient, is there a way to do more?
Maybe add a field which allows user to input optional size or enable this as a beta feature like bulk claim?
Or am I worrying unnecessarily?

At this point I don’t mind spending extra sol esp. since prices have come down, it’s worth the peace of mind for me. Not sure if others have similar thoughts?

The max account size allocation in a CPI is 10kB, I don’t know if Solana is planning to change this in the future. However, Solana is planning to add account resizing so this would allow people to resize their domain names dynamically.

One thing I do not understand is why you want to store the website directly on Solana. I think the best strategy is to host the website on IPFS or Arweave and store the hash in the Solana name record. This strategy is actually very similar to how DNS TXT records are used to point to IPFS websites.

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Okay, I’m really glad to hear that! I was wondering why size seemed so arbitrarily small but that makes total sense now.

I agree in that you’d store everything off-chain 99.9% of the time, and recently I figured that perhaps subdomains could be used to extend off of a domain as necessary – should the problem ever come up in the future – although now thinking about it I don’t imagine any scenario where it really would. I think I was worried that eventually one would run out of space in case of storing many hashes on-chain, but that isn’t really a problem since one could just have a hash point towards another outside registry. I guess it’ll depend on how the other software will parse and interact with the SNS account data though, some sort of convention will form I suppose?

Either way it doesn’t really matter – my concerns aren’t really realistically justified lol. I guess I was just taking the lazy-persons approach and wanted to make sure my name would be good and I wouldn’t run into problems in the future depending on how I end up using it. Off to go claim my names now. :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for the quick response btw!

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