I need support - telegram can't help


Bonfida telegram instructed me to open a ticket in this forum. Could you please help?
I have a domain in auction that I registered over a month ago with Phantom wallet. The auction is set to end in 1740 days. However, I can’t see the domain listed when I click on “auction” and “listed” tabs. The only way to see the domain is by searching it on the marketplace. Then I’m able to select and cancel the domain if I wish.
I’ve already cleared the cash/cookies from my Chrome browser
and also installed Brave browser - the same issue.

Could you please fix this bug? I want to be able to click on “auctions” and " listed" tab and see my domain there - jossstone.sol

Please advise.

Thank you

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Hey @Cin !

When reselling a domain you have to approve two transactions:

  • Reselling transaction
  • Bidder pot creation (if it does not exist)

The bidder pot account is used for indexing purposes to keep track of your on-going auctions.

If for some reasons you did not approve this second transaction the auction won’t show up on your profile. I looked at the tx history Explorer | Solana and it seems that indeed there is no bidder pot creation after the resell transaction

One way to solve this is to cancel the current on-going auction and resell it again. If you want to do so you can DM me and the cancel fee will be returned to your wallet.


Thanks for replying.
I thought I had approved all the transactions popped up on my screen.
Yes, please, can you cancel the auction and I will resell it again.

Thank you so much

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