I need support - bug when UI changed

at 18.2.2022 i bought a domain:

Later i tried to auction it a couple of times. Last time it was before you changed UI of your webside and as i remember it was something like 3 days. Certainly not more than 5 days.
After you changed UI it is showing my domain is on auction more then 100 days and today it is still 96 days left.


Please check what happened and help me get back my domain or FIDA i spend on it.
My wallet adress is FpyeNuFEenGiowEPpCig6ygR8wq2rpAJDWaCYJSWT7L1

If further informations are needed, let me know.

Thanks in advance. Bye

This cannot be related to a UI change. UI changes do not impact smart contracts.

I parsed the transaction where you put the domain on sell Explorer | Solana and the ending timestamp you passed in the data of the transaction is 1656972003 which is Monday, 4 July 2022 22:00:03 GMT and matches with what you see on the UI.

Than something else went wrong when submitting my auction.

Unluckely i don’t remember how i needed to write the ending time of the auction on the old UI.
But i am quite sure i didn’t put such time. My mistake could happen only if there was needed to write the end date in different date format than i write it here. Or if i wrote 3 thinking of days, but the system wanted from me to set months. Otherwise my date was interpreted wrong by the system when writeing the contract.
Can you see what value i inserted in the UI?
What i needed to write exactly in the UI for the ending day and in what format?
There is also no logic i would put such date. I was looking how much time others auctions were set and put about the same.
Is at Bonafide any timelimit when setting auctions (min, max) or there is none?
Otherwise can people see my ongoing auction right now and bid? Where?

Plese check if system wrote properly the date inserted in UI to the smart contract. I don’t know how this happen.

The resell transaction Explorer | Solana shows that you selected Monday, 4 July 2022 22:00:03 GMT on the UI.

The end date is selected on the UI with a calendar like this

Screenshot 2022-03-31 at 10.34.09 PM

It’s likely that you did not realize that the month selected was not the one you had in mind. Any future date is a valid date for the auction program.

People can see your auctions by searching keywords included in your domain name.

I tested myself and can confirm everything works as expected and nobody else reported a similar issue.

No, i don’t think so. Would noticed it, if i would used such calendar.
I wrote something. I am used to write the date always dd.mm.yyyy
Maybe here i wrote 07.03.2022 or 07/03/2022 or maybe at the end 07/04/2022 if UI didn’t allow such writeing of the date or it correct my date writeing.
Lets leave it than, i see nothing can be done. Need to wait.
Thanks anyway. Bye.