How to link .sol to your wallet address?

As topic, i bought my .sol domain but is not able to use it to send or receive fund.

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Sending and receiving tokens is supported by most Solana major wallets. You will find the list here List of integrations - Community Help Center

What wallet are you using?

phantom wallet, like how to link the .sol to my sol wallet or use it by itself? does not work same as .eth?

If you bought the domain name with your phantom wallet it’s already linked to it.

You can verify that it’s the case by going to the page of your domain and verifying that the owner address is your wallet.

For instance :gem:.sol (Solana Name Service | Bonfida) is owned by DLS8JfydGDKudqPiiis3GUgyyEZQjswaQzmSqwHRaypg

yup so any payment sent to the link .sol is sent to the owner wallet?

Yes, that’s correct!

thanks will check on that

thanks i got it, thanks for the help

HI @bonfida - I have 3 domains which I purchased using my phantom wallet. Somehow it looks like my domain is not linked to the wallet.

Are there any extra steps required? From my phantom wallet I sent some SOL to my domain but did not receive back in my wallet

Apologies for a naive question but how will this work?


Domain names are linked to the wallet you purchased them with. You don’t have to do anything else

Hey @bonfida I’m getting this error message on mine. I bought the domain with my phantom wallet and tried to send some SOL to my new acquired domain but I’m getting this error message every time. Can you please assist?

It’s a Phantom issue. Please reach out to them directly

Hey guys !
I’ve been trying to claim my twitter handle and I followed all steps mentioned in your FAQ section. I purchased my domain as well but can’t link my twitter to it. Keep getting this error “Error registering your Twitter handle”. I also tried by changing the handle. Still isn’t working. Please help !

Can you give the following info:

  • What wallet are you using?
  • Can you post your tweet containing the pubkey?

I was using Phantom but then received a pop-up message just now saying,
" Phantom does not support partially signed transactions, therefore, you cannot register your Twitter account with this wallet."

So what I did is got a new Slope Wallet [as advised]. Transferred my domain on there and tried registering my twitter handle with my new Pubkey. I’m sharing the link down below:

Same problem ! With Slope Wallet address as well. @bonfida

Are you sure you entered the correct pubkey in the registration form after switching wallets? Looking at the explorer there has been recent registrations of Twitter handles.

Slope should be able to handle partially signed transactions unlike Phantom.

Do you want me to send you’ll a screen recording? You can tell me if I’m going wrong somewhere.

Yes, this could helpful to debug you.

I can see that the latest Twitter registration was made a few minutes ago Explorer | Solana so it’s possible that there is a probelem somewhere between you and the registration server. For instance it can be Cloudflare blocking your IP (can happen sometimes with shared IP addresses)

Hey guys !
Finally it worked like a charm this morning with my Slope wallet. I have now claimed my twitter handle successfully. Just a query, how do I utilize my twitter handle to send and receive funds? Also, since my domain and twitter handle are linked to the same wallet, can my clients use either to deposit funds?