How to get a Bonfida Domain if you are in India using Phantom Wallet, WazirX, and Binance?

This post will contain instructions in 2 languages I know:

  1. English
  2. Hindi

In case of any other Indian languages, if you know it, then provide me the translation in this thread.


  1. You need to have 3 things for this to work. A global Binance account, Indian Partner WazirX, and Phantom Wallet.

  2. Why WazirX? Because it has partnered with Binance and therefore currently have inbuilt mechanism to transfer SOL, USDT funds directly to Binance Spot Wallet. So, the goal is to buy SOL or USDT using INR currency and then transfer it to Spot wallet in Binance.

  3. Why Binance? Because it’s the only Exchange I know which links easily for INR (thanks to WazirX) and have SOL as full token. Meaning, you can withdraw and receive SOL using wallet addresses.

  4. Why Phantom? Well, that’s what I used so I can only speak about it for now.


  1. Get both Binance and WazirX account KYC approved after creating an account if haven’t already. Now go to Binance and enable WazirX Integration for fund transfer as shown in this page. It’s under Buy Crypto menu once INR is selected.

  1. Now transfer INR in WazirX using MobiKwik app (yes, shitty one which charges fees at 1.77% for each transfer but there is no other option right now).

  2. Once you have the balance, you will go and buy some SOL. Start with 200 INR for safe bet. Then go to the transfer option as shown in the image below.

  3. Once the transfer is complete, you will see the same balance in the Binance Spot wallet automatically.

  4. Now from here, you will simply send the same SOL using withdraw to Phantom wallet address. If SOL transfer doesn’t work in WazirX, then buy USDT and then transfer that instead and buy SOL in Binance using USDT.

  5. Now, go to ORCA: where you will use to swap half of SOL to FIDA token. Note that 200 INR was for experiment but now you will need around 2500 INR to buy the domain. Maybe 3000 INR depending on your day and luck.

  6. You will connect your wallet in ORCA and simple swap SOL to FIDA.

  7. Then you will go to Bonfida:

  8. Search for your domain name and follow the steps as laid out in Bonfida documents to put the domain for auction and bid and other things.


जरूरी वस्तुएं : wazirx exchange account , binance exchange account , phantom wallet

१. सबसे पहले आप wazirx और binance में अपना एकाउंट बनाएंगे और उन दोनों का kyc करवाएंगे |

२. फिर आप binance में जाकर फण्ड के आदान प्रदान हेतु wazirx से connect करेंगे |

३. एक बार ये होने के बाद, आप wazirx में जाकर उसमे थोड़ा रुपये डालेंगे | Wazirx में mobikwik app से १.७७% की फीस देनी पड़ेगी |

४. अब आप wazirx में SOL को खरीदेंगें और उसको फण्ड ट्रांसफर के तहत binance में भेज देंगें |

५. ट्रांसफर समाप्त होने पर ये SOL बैलेंस आपके binance स्पॉट वॉलेट में आ जायेगा | वहां से आप इसको फैंटम वॉलेट के एड्रेस में भेजेंगे |

६. फिर आप ORCA की वेबसाइट में जायेंगे और वहां अपना वॉलेट कनेक्ट करके fida token खरीदेंगें | साइट है:
आप सिर्फ उतना ही fida swap करेंगें जितना जरूरत है - ५०% सही है |

७. इसके बाद आप BonFida के डॉक्यूमेंट से naming domain कैसे लेते है उसको पढ़के domain ले सकते हैं |

This was it. Hope it was helpful. Any other question, just paste it here. I have used Hinglish here for better normal understanding. If you want exact Hindi, do tell me.

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This is awesome, thanks for writing it! :pray:

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